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In many cases, for a document to be accepted internationally, or in a court of law, it needs to be formally proven as valid and genuine, and in Western Australia, this can be completed by a Public Notary.

A Public Notary is a senior experienced legal practitioner, appointed by the Supreme Court of Western Australia. They are given statutory powers to verify, witness and certify a variety of documents, as well as being internationally recognised.

At Frichot Lawyers, we are pleased to offer a variety of Public Notary Services.

For commercial clients

Our public notary can assist with verifying a variety of documents including:

  • Certificates of Legal Representation
  • Commercial Powers of Attorney
  • Company extracts
  • Certificates of incorporation

For Individual clients

Let us assist you with any of your documents that require verification, including:

  • Court orders and legal proceedings
  • Statutory Declarations and Affidavits
  • Purchase or sale of overseas real estate
  • Powers of Attorney
  • International estate execution
  • Certification of personal documents – passports or bank statements
  • Consent to Travel letters
  • Verification of qualifications for overseas employment

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