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At Frichot Lawyers, we are happy to support you with any of your legal requirements concerning commercial or recreational fishing in WA

Legal support for all aspects of fishing operations

Fishing and aquaculture is a huge sector of industry in Western Australia.  With thousands of kilometres of coastline, and many small towns depending on the fishing industry for their lifestyle and survival, legal support for businesses in this industry requires a certain level of expertise, and at Frichot, we have decades of experience representing businesses in the fishing industry.

Business owners in the fishing and aquaculture industry require support across many operational matters, including licensing, permit applications, drafting, reviewing agreements and more.

We’ve worked with clients to bring about best possible outcomes when dealing with the Department of Fisheries, a variety of prosecutions and matters before the State Administrative Tribunal.

We can also provide experience and professionalism when it’s time to buy or sell a business, or assets and equipment, within the fishing industry.

Here are some ways we can support and advise you in your commercial or recreational fishing or aquaculture business

  • Negotiating with Commonwealth and State Government fisheries departments
  • Contracts for sale of Fishing Vessels, Authorisations/Permits/Licenses and/or Businesses
  • Agreements for the use of Fishing Authorisations/Permits/Licenses and/or Vessels
  • Leases and Share Fishing / Joint Venture Agreements / Partnership Agreements
  • Supply Agreements
  • Defending prosecutions

……and more

How we helped Enzo and Marcus when they wanted to take some time off

For 20 years, Enzo and Marcus had ran their successful fishing business in a small coastal town in WA.  They’d always worked together, just the two of them, fishing as a commercial operation on a 12-metre vessel they owned as part of the business.

When Enzo got sick and needed to take a few months off, Marcus also decided he wanted to take some time off, but they didn’t want to sell the business. They found a skipper who wanted to lease the fishing vessel from them on a short-term basis.  We were able to draw up contracts that everyone was happy with, while we also protected their rights and their property.

Meet our fishing law team

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