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We understand that dealing with any legal matter can be stressful, so we’re here provide expert advice and a peace of mind

Our online service is the first step to getting the information you need. It’s personalised and instant.
Enter your information where prompted, and you’ll receive immediate information on key steps, likely timelines and how Frichot Lawyers can support you
Complete these questions thoroughly and openly, and if you proceed with a consultation, our expert family lawyers will have your details and unique situation, ready at their fingertips – saving you time and money.
It’s a difficult time for everyone, so don’t add to your stress and confusion around Probate. Our automated system can provide you with the initial advice you need.
It’s important to ensure your loved ones are provided for, so when you’re ready to prepare your will, change a will or even if you’re just looking for advice, our online Estate Planning assistant is the best, first step.
We recognise that taking the first step in an estate dispute can be difficult, and it’s important for you to understand your role and the key steps of what will happen moving forward.

The information you receive is obligation-free, but if you need further information, or want to arrange a consultation, we're here to help

About this online system, how it works

Quick and easy
The questions will take between 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on your circumstances.

Save information
You can save your answers and return if you want to add more at a later date.

Immediate advice
You’ll get peace of mind with support for you to understand what happens next in a variety of situations.

Save time & money
You don’t have to use this system, but if you do, we will be prepared with all your details and an understanding of your legal issue, which will save time and money at your consultation.

Keep track of what you need
This automated system will help you keep track of what documents to bring, topics to address and other things to consider.

Data guarantee
Our easy online system is provided by Settify, which securely and safely holds the information you enter. Your data is guaranteed to remain private and confidential.

Important information
While the system provides basic advice and ‘next steps,’ there is no client-lawyer relationship at the time you receive your results.  Frichot Lawyers won’t act for you unless you formally engage us at a later date.

For transparency, Settify receives a fee from us to provide this online service.

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