Join Frichot & Frichot on a very exciting journey. We are looking for highly skilled, energetic people to join our growing practice. We want people with a dynamic attitude who want to make a truly positive contribution to the community.
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Who we are

In 2020 Frichot & Frichot will celebrate 40 years in business and is now Fremantle’s leading law firm, practising in all areas of law including Family Law, Wills, Probate & Estate Planning, Liquor Licensing, Property Law, Commercial Law, Personal Injury and Criminal Law; and also litigation in all areas.

Whilst we proudly support the Fremantle, Southern and Coastal corridors, we service clients across Western Australia, and abroad.


What is important to us

  • Our firm is underpinned by a strong family spirit. Our geography, history and workforce composition have contributed to something we feel is unique.
  • We have great respect for the history of the firm and the history of the Fremantle region. We also adopt a contemporary, future-focused approach to the firm. Change brings endless possibilities.
  • If our people are happy, thriving, enjoying work and their work-life harmony is desirable, our clients receive the best possible support.
  • We believe that the more we work together, the more we learn from each other. This goes for our internal and external activities.
  • A creative, fit-for-purpose professional development approach is critical. We can foster well-rounded professionals when we treat their development needs holistically and personally.
  • We are a bit ‘Freo’, in that we embrace diversity, and we bring a level of professionalism you would find in any capital city in the world.
  • We believe in the law and we work to uphold the law.
  • We are committed to improving how legal services are delivered. If we can be more efficient in how we deliver a service, that makes it better, or deliver a more cost-effective solution we will. We will never compromise on the ultimate outcome of the service, but we do aim to ‘do law better’.
  • We approach what we do with humility, but we are also proud of what we have achieved and where we are going. We will treat you as equal human beings.

Our vacancies

Commercial Law

  What are we looking for? With a minimum of 5, and possibly up to 15 years post admission experience, you are most likely at an Associate or Senior Associate level in your career. What excites YOU is the ability to join a firm where you get to contribute to the...

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Family Law

What are we looking for? We are often on the lookout for Family Lawyers of varying levels. You might be looking to move soon, or maybe even in 6-12 months time. If you would like to join the Frichot team, please provide an expression of interest by pressing 'Apply for...

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Property Law

You will be tasked with taking care of all the legal aspects involving residential, commercial and industrial property in Western Australia, including but not limited to leasing, sales and purchasing.

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