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A Unique Culture Built on Diversity, Authenticity and Collaboration

Many law firms gauge their achievements through the KPI lens alone, but at Frichot, we do things differently.  When it comes to managing our most valuable asset – our people – we don’t do ‘business by numbers’.

While others measure their success along a rigid set of conventional business metrics, we know the true source of our success is not so easy to quantify.

Sure, we’re serious about margins and milestones too, but our people-focused approach to success means we acknowledge and appreciate the value that you create.

Our starting point is nurturing real difference – no lip service. We insist on a culture that promotes your ability to be authentically you in the workplace, and it’s our clients who receive the ultimate value of our robust diversity …. it also creates a really fun and engaging environment in which to work.

Our culture is the fire behind positive mindsets, bright energy, and a flourishing team environment

So, how do we shape a team that’s both deeply diverse and also contentedly connected?

As a successful full-service law firm practicing in the heart of Fremantle for over 40 years, we’ve outlasted the competition by continuing to grow with diversity over the decades, building on our successes, and cementing our place in the community. We’re renowned for our consistently excellent, client-focused service and our dynamic approach to complex issues. The result? A thriving, integrated, agile and constantly upskilling team, with many staff members hanging in for the ‘long run’, having worked at Frichot for 10 years or more!

And we are always on the lookout to integrate our team with those who ‘love the law’ and bring distinct skills, differing perspectives and diverse habits of mind to the table.

Does this sound like you?

• Like to feel valued and supported in the workplace
• Curious with a thirst for learning
• Attuned to client needs’
• Up for opportunities that push your boundaries
• Independent thinker
• Creative collaborator
• Open to new perspectives

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We support our people with quality work practices, a clear mission, and a minimum of red tape.

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Work with us

Far from simply extracting value, we recognise and foster your strengths, help you build your knowledge and experience, and support your professional development and career progression. Our diverse client portfolio, while practising across all areas of the law, means you’ll be working in a variety of situations with people from all walks of life. You’ll get an opportunity to discover where your strengths truly lie and what you are passionate about.

From administration to finance, HR and the legal team, our people navigate the complexity of our work with skill, initiative and innovation, generating the small sparks of creativity that bring the big results our clients have come to expect.

So, give us a call today if you would like to start a conversation about how your unique strengths, talents and diversity can help our team to grow into the next decade and beyond.