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Associate/Senior Associate


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What are we looking for?

  • With a minimum of 5, and possibly up to 15 years post admission experience, you are most likely at an Associate or Senior Associate level in your career.
  • What excites YOU is the ability to join a firm where you get to contribute to the firm’s strategic growth
  • Leadership is expected and you MUST possess the motivation to mentor and develop junior lawyers.
  • You are collaborative in nature, have an intention to work with others or just recognise that in order for us to all achieve what we aim to, that working together gets us there.
  • Workplace culture is important to you and you possess a willingness to contribute to, creating a vibrant team, improve the way we do things, and build on our great stories.
  • Business Development and Marketing has become essential for lawyers. You possess a positive attitude towards this. We’ll work with you to generate a strategy that works best for you and we don’t believe in putting unreasonable pressure on you, but we can also help build confidence in skills across a wide range of BD you didn’t know you had.
  • This also means we would ideally like you to tap into an existing or past contact base, or at least a strong referral base, to be able to make introductions to the firm.
  • You will have the ability to carry multiple matters from start to finish and this means you MUST have: confidence in your own ability and knowledge of the law, very strong attention to detail and the ability to ask for help when you need it.
  • A high level of confidence in client facing situations is critical, including negotiation and strong communication. You will be able to manage a matter by yourself.
  • You are able to build very strong client relationships. When the file is managed well, the relationship is strong, the outcome is likely to be achieved easier, and following the conclusion of the file, that person will speak highly of you and Frichot to their network.
  • You will be able to work autonomously as well as in a team environment. It is generally the nature of legal work, you need to be comfortable in both settings.
  • It is ESSENTIAL you bring a business owner’s mindset – own your practice area, be enterprising and contribute to the firm’s problem solving. There are opportunities for advancement in the future, for those who embrace this opportunity.
  • As a self-starter you are able to get yourself motivated without the need of others. We will provide the infrastructure, you provide your own energy.
  • It is important you understand that you must embrace diverse working hours. Flexibility is encouraged, peak periods of work should be embraced. We will host events, attend others and sometimes these are outside of orthodox working hours. Sometimes files require additional time to be spent.
  • You will also improve the legal infrastructure and integrity through precedent development and general continuous improvement.

The Role of a Commercial Lawyer/Commercial Litigation Lawyer

at Frichot & Frichot

  • Taking instructions from clients and confirming client objectives;
    • Identifying and addressing legal issues;
    • Providing oral and/or written advice to clients;
    • Considering realistic and pragmatic solutions taking into account such objectives
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial/contractual documents;
  • Reviewing commercial/contractual documents and providing timely and effective advice;
  • Problem solving when issues arise;
  • Engaging in all aspects of negotiations and alternative dispute resolution as required or necessary;
  • Representing clients in legal disputes;
    • Liaising with clients, opposing solicitors, third parties, courts, barristers and witnesses;
    • Attending client meetings, instructing counsel and appearing at mediations and interlocutory hearings;
    • Commencing and defending legal proceedings and running matters to hearing in all jurisdictions;
    • Drafting advice to clients, court documents, briefs to counsel, letters and other correspondence;
  • Dealing with succession matters;
    • Advising on succession strategies involving various business structures, including partnerships, corporations and trusts;
  • Conducting business sale/purchase transactions;
  • Assisting with corporate advisory matters
    • Including advising company directors about corporate governance, finance/capital and resolving shareholder and director disputes;
  • Possible exposure to workplace relations and safety matters
  • It is essential that you have strong litigation experience across a range of industries, corporate advisory experience, a strong working knowledge of the Corporations Act, excellent drafting skills, a high attention to detail, and the ability to deliver on complex matters under tight time frames.
  • Exercising a degree of autonomy in managing your own files;
  • A core element of this role is centred on fostering client relationships and business development initiatives. You will be part of the leadership group and thrive on the opportunity to build your network while promoting advancement and development for our next generation lawyers.
  • Assisting with management of junior lawyers and law clerks;
  • You must have the ability to work under pressure and to timelines;
  • Depending on the matter, be able to work effectively under supervision and as an important part of a team;
  • Working with the Management team to promote the services offered by the firm and developing/maintaining a network of referrers with the assistance of the team

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