Legal Costs

At Frichot Lawyers we are upfront with our clients in relation to costs. Each of our clients is required to enter into a Contract for Services which sets out our terms and conditions so you can be sure of your commitment from the outset. Where we can provide you with a cost estimate we will, but in circumstances where we are not in a position to do so, we undertake to keep you informed by providing regular itemised accounts, costs letters and information on request. The best way to find out about the costs involved in your particular matter is to book an Introductory Consultation to discuss your options.

Introductory Consultation:

Frichot Lawyers offers an Introductory Consultation to allow you to receive some initial advice to assist you in your choice of whether or not you require a lawyer to act on your behalf. The Introductory Consultation is an appointment at our office with one of our Lawyers to assess your matter and provide some initial advice. The consultation usually takes around 60 minutes. Where possible you will be provided with an estimate of the costs to retain our firm to act on your behalf. Once you have received all the information and advice you will be in a position to consider your requirements and if you decide to retain Frichot Lawyers we will provide you with our Contract for Services confirming our terms and conditions and estimated costs.

Professional Fees:

Introductory Consultation: $300.00 (exclusive of GST)

Hourly Rates:

Fee Earner Hourly Rate (Excluding GST)
Practice Director / Head of Practice $550
Senior Associate / Consultant $500
Associate $450
Lawyer $350
Junior Lawyer $250

Please take the time to follow the link to Fact Sheet – Legal Costs which contains important information concerning your rights as a client. To book an Introductory Consultation please either telephone our receptionist on 9335 9877 or complete the Request Appointment form below.

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