A Criminal Defence Lawyer’s Guide to WA Drug Offences

Being involved in criminal proceedings for drug-related offending can be a stressful experience for not only the accused but their friends and family. To ease the burden and anxiety often associated, we suggest you consider the following issues. 1. Your Rights The...

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Five Tips to Prepare Yourself for Criminal Proceedings

Being charged with a criminal offence and subsequently having to attend court can be a daunting and stressful experience for all involved. We recommend you consider the following tips to ensure you are adequately prepared for your first appearance.

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Meta data retention laws

The contentious data retention laws passed by the Federal Parliament in 2015 allow Telecommunications companies and Internet Service Providers until 2017 to fulfil their implementation plans, at which time the ramifications of these laws will become more apparent. The...

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Extraordinary Drivers Licence Legislative Amendments

Changes to the legislation for Extraordinary Drivers Licences (“EDL”), section 76 of the Road Traffic Act, took effect from 4 July 2011. These changes abolish special applications. The changes also direct that a Court shall not make an order directing the grant of an...

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