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Differences between Employees and Contractors

Businesses should have systems in place to ensure that the correct determination is made as to whether a worker should be classified as an employee or as an independent contractor. This is important as tax, superannuation and other obligations will apply depending on...

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Deciding which business structure to use

There are 4 main types of business structures for doing business in Australia, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. A person can carry on business as a sole trader, partnership, trust, or company.

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Intellectual Property and your Business

Intellectual property (“IP”) can be described as “the property of your mind” or “proprietary knowledge”. There are various types of IP, such as inventions, trademarks, designs or the practical application of your idea (discussed below). A business’s IP is usually a...

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The “ins” and “outs” of Unfair Dismissal Claims

Terminating someone’s employment is never a nice thing to do, and is usually stressful and upsetting for everyone involved. In addition, unfair dismissal matters can be complex and frustrating for all parties involved. Since the commencement of the Fair Work Act in...

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How Your Lawyer Can Help Your Cash Flow

Hearing the words lawyer, help and cash flow in the same sentence may seem odd to some. The reality though (and it doesn’t matter what business you are in), your credit controller and your litigation lawyer should be “besties”. Why? Because a good litigation lawyer...

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A Guide to Shareholder Agreements

A company’s internal management is usually governed by the company’s constitution. A company’s constitution is usually drafted in a standard format and does not provide protection for the company’s shareholders in the event of a dispute between them or where issues,...

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